Roger Vivier Outlet | August 2021 Fashion Hits and Misses | Gallery

During the last full month of summer, celebrity fashion continued to be dazzling and disappointing. is rounding up the best and worst style moments of the month, starting with this look … we loved the checkered prints, but Lady Gaga’s Christopher John Rogers dress silhouette made us I lost it. The Superstar set foot in New York City on August 5th with a funky flock featuring a strapless neckline and an exaggerated skirt. She combined it with similarly dramatic platform shoes to create a classic over-the-top Gaga ensemble.

Keep reading to see more of this month’s fashion hits and mistakes …

I don’t know what was happening with this Iggy Azalea look! The rapper set foot in Los Angeles on August 5th with a rather mysterious ensemble. Despite appearing naked, her ensemble was actually a complete jumpsuit featuring a strategically placed colored band woven into a completely thin fabric. She finished the optical illusion with fuchsia pumps.

Jennifer Hudson was pretty purple at the “Respect” premiere in Los Angeles on August 8th. The star has arrived at the Dolce & Gabbana number that stops the show, including a strapless lover’s neckline, thigh-high slits, and an overall sequin design. It also featured a matching purple veil for another fascinating touch, all enhanced by jewels from Bvlgari.

Tinashe recorded a fashion mistake with this lime green design. The singer went to Los Angeles on August 5th and made a look consisting of a mini dress and a strange coat with dramatic sleeves. Perhaps the strangest element of the ensemble? She carried a bright pink boombox (with an antenna) to finish the look.

Black velvet jumpsuit? Sign up! Jodie Comer rocked the killer Giorgio Armani with a photocall of her movie “Free Guy” in London on August 9th. A one-piece ensemble and its plunging neckline combined with black heels with straps.

Kat Graham has arrived at the “Cooking with Paris” screening event in Los Angeles on August 5th at this emerald green flock. We liked the shades, but we didn’t like the silhouette of the high-necked three-quarter sleeves or the way it ended with an asymmetrical hem, but we liked those matching pointed toe pumps. ..

Minnie Driver’s bright orange Carolina Herrera candy was one of the biggest hits of the month. She turned to the premiere of “Modern Love” on August 2nd. She combined the spaghetti strap flock and sweet ribbon details on the neckline with Roger Vivier’s bright yellow clutch and silver strap sandals.

Jeans for the movie premiere? Strike One, Sadie Sink! The actress kept things casual at the premiere of “Free Guy” in New York City on August 3, adding bralettes and blazer on her shoulders. Her top knot hairstyle was casual as well. The only dressy element came from her cute black and white heels.

Ashley Greene wore Bertha’s cute black gown at the premiere of “Aftermath” on August 3rd. Bertha’s dress contained subtle feather details on the shoulders, a peplum layer on the waist, and a subtle light pattern under the bodice and skirt.

Audra McDonald was overwhelmed at the “Respect” premiere in Los Angeles on August 8th. We weren’t a fan of the dull shades of her long-sleeved dress and the way we added funky multicolored pointed toe pumps.

Jordin Sparks unveiled this cute floral mini dress with an unexpected color combination (teal and red floral) at the “Respect” premiere in Los Angeles on August 8th. Black sandals. In fact, it has been one of our favorites since the premiere.

A lot of fringes! I didn’t like the silhouette of the gown I wore at the August 8th “Respect” premiere, but the funky flock included a halter-style neckline, lots of cutouts, and a miniskirt that reached the floor. rice field. Fringe Overlay — I loved the beautiful pink shades.

Sky Jackson set foot in Los Angeles on August 6th with this cool street style up. A sleeveless blue dress with a geometric print combined with shiny silver combat boots.