Wearing Sparkly Heels Gossip Girl’s Savannah Lee Smith Feted Roger Vivier Outlet on the Upper East Side

In an Upper East Side boutique nestled on the corner of Madison Avenue and 65th Street, editors, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts gathered to celebrate Roger Vivier’s latest campaign. Of course, the star of the hour, Savannah Lee Smith, who you might know as Monet de Haan from the Gossip Girl reboot, was present.

The 21-year-old actress worked the room like a pro while the sounds of soft juke-joint blues music filled the air and crystal glasses of Louis Roederer Champagne were served to guests. While Smith’s character on the HBO Max show is a fashion aficionado, the actress is actually a newbie to the sartorial world.

“This is my very first time attending fashion week—ever,” Smith excitedly shared with Vogue as guests mingled, shopped, and tried on crystal-adorned shoes. “It’s just getting started, but I’m looking forward to seeing all the people and the beautiful clothes.”

As the evening continued on the second floor of the store, which was inspired by Monsieur Vivier’s Parisian townhouse, Smith grabbed everyone’s attention and was joined by Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman for a tête-à-tête. Daman gushed over all the fun he had dressing Smith’s character in layers of jewelry and beautiful Roger Vivier shoes. And Smith gave us insight into her personal, off-camera style.

“Monet’s style is very extra—a lot of accessories, a lot of jewelry. I’m the opposite,” says Smith before revealing that Gossip Girl actually taught her a lot about fashion. But as the fresh-faced star of Roger Vivier’s latest campaign and with a few more NYFW events on her calendar, I’m sure Smith will be teaching us all a chic lesson or two in no time.

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    Max Lakner/BFA.com